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Amor, the Alajmo family debuts in Milan

There’s a recurring number ten in the first Milanese adventure of the Alajmo family, the owners of 10 restaurants in Padua, Venice and Paris...

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The eleventh establishment is the first in Milan and opened to the public on April 10th, at number 10 in Corso Como, one of the most iconic locations in town.

«We’re very happy», Raffaele Alajmo, Ceo of the group told Identità Golose, «of launching this new concept, our first fast casual restaurant. Amor has an extra compared to Amo, the establishment opened in 2016 at Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice».

It is entirely focused on pizza, especially the steamed Pjzze with a J, as in Alajmo, which they presented during the 2013 Identità Milano congress.

«We’ve patented every step of this preparation, from the pre-cooking to the first steam cooking in the oven, to the service of the dish». «It’s fast, but it’s not fast food», Massimiliano pointed out, «at Amor fast must be a perception in terms of taste, a consequence of all the work we’ve developed so that this kind of food can be elegant whereas it is usually heavy. We started from Neapolitan pizza, we conceptualised it and alajmisedit, paying attention to one feature above all: lightness, in every step».

Gabriele Zanatta
source: https://www.identitagolose.it/news/?id=181

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