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Pizzeria Caruso, from Tramonti to Trecate

From Tramonti, a village in the province of Salerno which from the Lattari mountains overlooks the Amalfi Coast, come many of the pizzaioli now working in northern Italy and beyond, as well as a style of pizza in its own right...

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It’s the "pizza di Tramonti", certified with a De.Co and characterised by a more “rustic” dough, more similar to bread, than the Neapolitan style, and by the use of local ingredients, like the excellent fior di latte and the extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane PDO.

Of course, among the over 3000 pizzaioli originally from Tramonti who are scattered a bit everywhere, there are also those who tried to take a different road. For instance, there’s Igino Caruso, a second-generation pizzaiolo who runs the restaurant-cum-pizzeria Caruso in Trecate, in the province of Novara. In 1999, together with his wife, he took over his father’s place, where he learnt the ropes. After that, Igino studied and worked so as to grow, evolve, improve. So while he enlarged the business by buying new spaces, he also approached a more contemporary style of pizza, without forgetting tradition completely.

In 2013 he attended Molino Quaglia’s Università della Pizza: reading and studying specialised magazines, websites, and events did the rest. Today, this is how the offer of the “pizzeria con cucina” not too far from the centre of Trecate and from the station, in an nice place with a homely hospitality is structured: the yearly pizza menu is livened up by a monthly seasonal offer – in July before the summer holidays, it was made with stracciatella and burrata – divided between two types of pizza.

There’s the classic one, “all'italiana”, with an edge that’s not too large but still noticeable, and seasoning that join the tradition of Campania with the area of Novara (for instance, they include gorgonzola PDO) and some specialties from other regions, like 'nduja from Spilinga and anchovies from Cantabria; and pizza “al padellino”, in the pan, with an aromatic dough made with Petra 3 and Petra 9 flour. But there’s also the gluten-free dough, and the one made with Kamut® flour. And among the seasonings, there are some more original options too, like Stiacciatella, with baby spinach, mortadella with pistachios, fresh cheese, pistachios and sprouts.

The kitchen also offers first courses, main courses, one plate meals, side dishes and creative burgers. In this case too, following a monthly calendar: as in the case of Black rice with grilled salmon, vegetable trio and courgette sauce and the Kalabrian Burger (beef burger, nduja, caciocavallo silano, dried tomatoes and lettuce), also from the July menu.

Luciana Squadrilli
source: http://www.identitagolose.com/sito/en/209/24128/mondo-pizza/pizzeria-caruso-from-tramonti-to-trecate.html?p=0

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