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Pizza as a travel companion

Identità di Pizza 2017 is changing the rules applied in the past. The focus will again be on the main theme for the day created by Paolo Marchi for his most prestigious Congress.

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No digression (at least not in this edition) to include bread and leavened products in general. In fact there will be a strong attention to what most people consider “true” pizza.

Let’s get closer, once again, to the Neapolitan model, for an “easier” pizza, interpreted in terms of dough, leavening and ingredients, with national variations influenced by the journey in space and time taken by the pizzaiolo.

Because the ascent of pizza, from the pit of a tradition that degenerated into habit towards the light of contemporaneity, has the flavour of a journey from which the most wary pizza chefs have drawn important experiences and inputs to change.

Each one of the speakers at Identità di Pizza 2017 will tell a story that is a step in a journey back towards simplicity, which can be experienced through tasting and discussing flavour, the choice of ingredients, pairings, and attention to nutrition and the environment. It’s the story that is repeated cyclically, with moments of provocation alternated with others characterised by returning to the initial simplicity. Each time, however, with greater quality as per people and products.

In the next few months beside them, like every year, Università della Pizza will offer a place to discuss, experiment and test the stage, to prepare a not-to-be-missed event for Italian pizza professionals [in the photo, Piero Gabrieli from the stage of Identità di Pizza 2016, with Francesca Barberini].

Piero Gabrieli

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