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Three crazy-good pizzas. From Martucci, in Caserta

Literally struck in Caserta, on the way back home, in the north. Here we are, dutifully celebrating the extraordinary talent of Francesco Martucci at his I Masanielli...

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But even more we want to celebrate his overall idea, which is comforting and even exalting: even when you believe there’s a very limited scope for improvement, when you believe that doing more than what you’re doing is almost impossible, you can be proven wrong by facts, and in the most unexpected way. This happens in every aspect of life but here we’re speaking of pizzas: and the pizzas we tasted at Martucci’s are extraordinary. Dough and topping: both of the highest standards.

One should investigate in depth, the deep origin of this brilliant climb, taking into account three factors:

1) he comes from a simple background, and made his way through lots of hard work, with those large hands of is, as Luciana Squadrilli told us here: Who’s Francesco Martucci, the other number one;

2) he pulls out of the oven the highest quantity in mass production: 1,200 guests per day between lunch and dinner, a team of 40 people holding all this crowd of people which...

3) ... leads to a collective maddening. We saw with our eyes, and heard with our ears, at the entrance of I Masanielli, how dozens and dozens of people were waiting outside for a table. Some wait patiently in the queue to understand when and if their turn will come, «I’m sorry – the guy said – there’s a wait of at least one hour and a half, two hours». Unflinchingly, they confirmed the table, pre-enjoying what was to come...

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Carlo Passera
source: https://www.identitagolose.it/news/?id=224

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