Ambrogio 15 is the project of three young Italian entrepreneurs who studied Business Management at San Diego State University. After the graduation, Giacomo Pizzigoni, Luca Salvi and Andrea Burrone decided to stay in San Diego and open a pizzeria, a place where they could promote the idea of Contemporary Italian gourmet pizza. A new concept that was unknown to San Diego customers. They dedicated the pizzeria to Milan, the city that brought them together and that represents their innovative and dynamic spirit.   

On the menu, the customers can find the traditional round pizza, a crunchy and light filled focaccia and Nuvola, a deep pan pizza, soft as a cloud. All the options are prepared using Petra stoneground organic flours, Petra 1, 3, 5, and 9, that preserve all the nutrients of wheat. The pizza at Ambrogio 15 has won the favor of American and Italian customers who can finally find an authentic healthy product which is easy to digest and delicious too. 

The kitchen is run by Daniele Piazza, the 26 year old executive chef, who trained with the pizza chef Riccardo Scaioli. Giacomo, Luca and Andrea are very proud of the quality of their ingredients, that are carefully sourced from Italy, and every day they share this passion with customers. 

“We made a drastic choice for our pizzeria, a choice which goes against the stereotypical idea of Italian food in the US. We offer an authentic and Contemporary Italian pizza, our focus is on top-quality ingredients” says Andrea proudly.

And this concept is working perfectly. The three entrepreneurs  have opened a second pizzeria in Little Italy neighborhood and are searching for the next location. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the best pizza in San Diego is the Crudo e Burrata, with a fresh small burrata cheese in the middle and PDO speck.