Tell me the story of your Pizzeria

Italian Alley started in April 2019 within Camden Market, a suit of concepts in 5 restored railway arches to showcase Italian cooking at its best; from pasta to focaccia, through Ciambotta, Italian BBQ and gelati Pepino. Our pizza' style is 'focaccia romana' cooked in Castelli Oven and sliced. 

When did you start working in this industry?

The team behind this project has a collective experience of more than 30 years brewing beer, cooking and opening and running restaurants in Italy and the UK. The head chef behind this project is Davide Boglioli. Davide has worked for more than 6 years with Enrico Crippa at Piazza Duomo in Alba, IT. 

Which kind of Product do you prepare? Tell me about the dough and the Petra  flours used.

We prepared our Roman Focaccia and our Ciambottas with Petra flours. We choose a mix for both doughs where we use a longer fermentation for our Focaccia and a slightly faster and firmer dough for our Ciambotta. 

Describe the two producs (Pizza, pasta dishes, bread, pastry) that are loved by your customers.

Our customers love our Focaccia and our Ciambottas almost equally, although our Focaccia Margherita is the best selling food product in the whole company. 

Are the ingredients important to you?

Our ingredients are as important as the people using them in our organization. 

What differentiates your restaurant/pizzeria/bakery from others.

We offer a variety of options of Italian cuisine with a great attention to the quality Of the ingredients and the final products. We don’t rush into things, but we study each recipe carefully to make sure each and every item comes out of our kitchen with the same quality day in and day out.