Only a few steps away from the Nets Stadium in Downtown Brooklyn NYC, you can find Pizza Secret, a traditional Neapolitan pizzeria. Rosario Granieri, the owner, executive chef and pizzaiolo, worked for big companies such as Eataly and Rossopomodoro and had the chance to travel the world before opening the pizzeria of his dreams in July 2018. Since then, he has been sharing his love and passion for Neapolitan food with his customers.

Passion for good food runs in Rosario’s family. This tradition has been passed on from one generation to the next. It started with his grandfather, a pastry maker, followed by his father, a chef, and finally Rosario and his eight siblings, many of whom are pizzaiolos themselves. He learned all the secrets to make a perfect Neapolitan-style pizza in its very birthplace, Naples city center, where he worked in the pizzeria owned by his family. Today, he is still living up to his family tradition, running Pizza Secret, an American pizzeria with a Neapolitan beating heart.

Pizza Secret is fueled by one of the oldest wood-fired brick ovens in New York which bakes perfect traditional and gourmet pizzas. The pizzeria offers other delicious Neapolitan nibbles, for example crocchè, meatballs, bruschette and fresh pasta dishes.

Americana is the most popular pizza, an American take on the traditional Italian Diavola, topped with pepperoni, spicy honey oil and basil. The Bufalina is another best-selling classic, with buffalo mozzarella and basil. The fermentation of the dough takes up to 36 hours and is prepared using stoneground n°3 Petra flour and cylinder-milled 5037 Petra flour. All the main ingredients come from Italy. The flour, San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and olive oil are top quality Italian ingredients.

Rosario wants his multicultural customers to discover and taste the original Neapolitan pizza: “Pizza Secret welcomes all pizza lovers, regardless of where they are from.” The kitchen staff in Pizza Secrets is from Naples, creating an authentic experience. Each pizza is prepared and cooked to perfection, “when an empty dish returns to the kitchen, we know we did a great job.”