1- Tell me the story of your Pizzeria.

 My name is Ian Chapman , head Chef at Sarto, known in the industry as ‘Chef Yanni’ .
We are a fresh pasta based restaurant , combining local produce with Italian heritage. We use pasta as a vehicle to showcase this ideology.

2- When did you start working in this industry?

I started working in the industry 6 years ago as a pastry chef apprentice , moving up to a senior chef at ‘ The Reliance’ a modern gastro restaurant  in Leeds.

3- What do you like the most about your job?

Seeing the customers leave happy and clean plates returning. Having the interaction of customers in the open kitchen over the bar is very humbling.

4- What does this job mean to you?

The job means everything to me and everything to our team . It is our little beacon of light in the Leeds city centre. 

5- Which kind of Product do you prepare? Tell me about the dough and the Petra  flours used.

We prepare fresh pasta everyday all day. Currently we use the ‘Petra’ semolina and look forward to experimenting with the rest of the range.

6- Describe the two producs (Pizza, pasta dishes, bread, pastry) that are loved by your customers.

A current seasonal hit is our whole egg fettuccine, wild mushrooms , masala cream and 30 month parmigiano reggiano.

7- Are the ingredients important to you?

The ingredients are extremely important to me. We try and source as local as possible for our vegetables, meat and diary . We also bring the finest products of Italy such as our flour , olive oils and tomatoes.

8- What differentiates your restaurant/pizzeria/bakery from others.

What makes us special is the balance of traditional familiar flavours of Yorkshire married with the heritage of Italian cookery.

9- Tell me your motto

Our motto is fresh , local and simple. We do not mess with our ingredients but let them shine . We aim to create a relaxed and accessible environment for the customer. WE LOVE PASTA!