The Oven is an independent artisan pizzeria set in a prime position in Bath, a little taste of Italy in the city. The team of professional pizza makers, led by the award-winning pizza chef Fabrizio Mancinetti, prepare delicious and high-quality pizzas. In a very short time, they have made a name for themselves in Bath, and beyond.  

Fabrizio Mancinetti, winner of Pizza Chef of the Year 2016, started his adventure in Bath while he was visiting a friend. He left a CV in a small restaurant in the city center and was offered a position  there. His career started in that moment, and has led him very far.

Having heard of this talented young pizzaiolo, the owner of The Oven wanted to try his creations. He was so impressed that he trusted Fabrizio with the opening of a Neapolitan pizzeria, The Oven, that now prepares up to 3000 pizzas on a weekly basis. The fresh high-quality ingredients are 100% from Italy. The perfect oxygenation of the dough ensures a light and crisp Neapolitan-style pizza baked in the wood-fired oven. The pizza at The oven is easily digestible thanks to the high hydration of the dough and the use of the type 1 organic flour by Petra.

“I put all my effort into this job, passion is the key to our success” says Fabrizio, “I am always studying new recipes and trying new combination of ingredients and new doughs. Even when I am at home, I never stop searching for new solutions and ideas. This passion comes from my mum, who is a chef herself.”

Fabrizio won the Pizza Chef of the Year 2016 award thanks to a pizza with walnut cream, basil, ham, fig jam, nduja (soft very spicy traditional sausage from Calabria) and mozzarella cheese. But customers also love the pizza with freshly sliced mortadella ham, chopped pistachios, basil and buffalo mozzarella.

Beside the top-quality authentic pizza, The Oven is characterized by the vibrant and typical Italian atmosphere, and the staff are always very friendly. “Our staff make a great team, and all the success that we have achieved is due to our team work” says Fabrizio, “I would like to thank my manager Marisa De Bellis and all the colleagues that work in the kitchen. I was able to win the Pizza Chef Of the Year award thanks to their support.”