A lot of things have changed since Erik Martirosyan, born in Armenia, raised in Russia and finally established in Los Angeles, opened his first small pizzeria in Hollywood in 2007. The sensibility of Erik and his willingness to research, discover and improve has taken him very far. From a fast food pizza cooked in a gas oven, to a high quality pizza dough cooked exclusively in a wood-fired oven. 

“I decided to offer a more artisanal pizza to my customers. I moved my pizza place to another area of Los Angeles, and I start paying more attention to the dough making techniques.”

During years of experimentation and research, Erik was introduced to Petra flours: “I saw the differences that the dough can make if prepared using top-quality ingredients and following the right techniques”. On April 1st 2013, Erik opened Wood SilverLake, his new pizzeria. For over seven years, he has been preparing and serving a Neapolitan inspired pizza, with a crispy and thin base using Special flour by Petra.

“At Wood SilverLake we want to offer a complete experience to our customers. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, the food is simple, tasty and healthy. Our distinctive flavor is given by the wood-fired oven, which gives a golden brown color to our pizzas and add a smoky and charred hint to them. The Margherita is the most favorite choice, but we love to experiment with different ingredients. Our customers love the pizza with truffle for example”.